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  • Inclusive workplace
  • Gender equality
  • Work and parenthood
  • Female Leadership
  • Building a gender action plan 
  • Inclusive work culture
  • Preventing sexism and sexual harassment
Crédit photo: Asmaa Elkhaldi
  • TED talk – style events
  • Sensitization at school
Photo shoot with photo-therapy coach Nicolas Fayard (Rhône-Alpes)

They have worked with us...

“When I was a student, Fanny helped me build a career plan. She guided me through learning a method to develop my network and defining concrete strategies to reach my objectives. Her coaching skills and her support allowed me to feel confident in building the various blocks of my professional future.”
Sarah, 24
Young graduate
"Fantastic session! Fanny is a skilled facilitator and provided really good content. I think we all learned something and she created a good atmosphere and energy so people felt at ease.
Coordinator, Fletcher Women's Network Geneva
“Fanny makes any team stronger, never raising problems without also proposing solutions. She has the rare gift of being both detail-oriented and a strong, big-picture strategic thinker, constantly looking for ways to improve an organization or process. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Ryan Sturgill
Director, Gaza Sky Geeks
Fanny collaborated with the ANDRH Savoie Mont-Blanc as an expert on gender equality in the workplace. Her presentation was more specifically focused on HR's role and on-site operational deployment. Her content fully met our expectations as well as those of the wider HR community. We came out of her presentation equipped and ready to tackle concrete actions. We're very grateful for Fanny's contribution.
Alexis Berthel
Co-chair, National Association of Human Resources Directors, Savoie Mont Blanc chapter



  • Gender strategy (Directors, managers and HR): identifying gender dynamics within teams, set up a strategy for women’s career mobility
  • Career strategy: establishing your life goals, owning your resume, optimising your current job
  • Positioning at work: finding allies at work, speaking up during meetings, improving your work visibility, fighting against impostor syndrome
  • Negotiation: asking for a promotion, negotiating flexible hours, telecommuting, or a salary raise
  • Parenthood and work: announcing a pregnancy / a family project, managing your maternity leave, preparing your return

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By phone
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Hourly rate: 175€
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  • Women wishing to improve their standing at work, develop their careers or redefine their ambitions

Managers and HR professionals committed to improving career mobility for women and identifying blind spots in their gender equality strategy

Leaders of companies, organizations and public administrations wishing to implement a strategy to foster female leadership in their teams

  • Preparing a gender equality strategy
  • Improving women’s career mobility
  • Preparing annual review interviews
  • Speaking in public (during meetings, etc.)
  • Negotiating (position, salary, working hours, telecommuting) 


(schools, companies, organizations, public administrations)

  • Inclusive workplace
  • Gender equality plan
  • Work and parenthood
  • Preventing sexism and sexual harassment


Crédit photo: Asmaa Elkhaldi
Crédit photo: Asmaa Elkhaldi

We’re happy to take part in your retreats, lunch hour talks and other events to offer a “TED-style” format with guided Q&A on gender in the workplace.

Professional Image

Having a professional picture you’re proud of and that reflects who you are is a very important step in building your professional image, including for your LinkedIn profile, resume, internal org chart or even volunteer projects. I am happy to share the services of Nicolas Fayard, coach and photographer, who worked with me for the portraits on this website.


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