Stronger and more ambitious together!

This community of allies for gender equality allows us to redefine and carry our ambitions with pride. Below is a short list of useful, frequently updated ressources:

A as in Ambition

Professional Women Network Paris Report – Women & Ambition: «Ambition Professionnelle, regards croisés femmes-hommes» 

CSA-Terrafemina-2o minutes poll (June 2013) – Dans le miroir des femmes – Ambitieuse, moi?

… and Allies:

On Allyship, Melinda Epler – 3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace

D as in Developpement

Facebook community of international development female professionals – Internationalistas

E as in Entrepreneurship

Support mechanism for women social entrepreneurs – Empow’Her France

… and Engineering

Association of women engineers – Accueil – Association des Femmes Ingénieurs

Association Elles bougent, promoting engineering and STEM careers among women – Notre histoire, nos actions 

F as in Feminism

Les Glorieuses, a feminist newsletter: Les Glorieuses | La newsletter qui réinvente l’information sur les femmes

Guided tours of Paris, Lyon & Bordeaux on gender equality and prominent women in History! –  Feminists of Paris 

G as in Glass Ceiling

H as in Sexual Harassment at work:

Some tips to act now – Caroline de Haas – Des Pistes pour Agir – Caroline de Haas

L as in Leadership

How to increase female leadership in the workplace, Andrea S. Kramer et Alton B. Harris – How to increase female leadership

First free online directory of French-speaking female experts – Expertes France – Les expertes existent. Elles sont ici. 

...and Leglislation

N as in negotiation

Program on Negotiation Harvard Law School – Are Salary Negotiation Skills Different for Men and Women?

Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers?, Hannah Riley Bowles – Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers?

Training on Salary Negotiation for Women – #NégoTraining 

S as in Salary Gap

Five Numbers to understand the gender salary gap, Lorélie Carrive – Cinq chiffres pour comprendre les inégalités de salaires entre les femmes et les hommes

Center on Gender Inequality – Les inégalités de salaires entre les femmes et les hommes : état des lieux

Six Men. Six Women. Similar Jobs. Who Makes More? An Experiment, Liz Brody – The Big Salary Reveal 

… and Statistics:

European Statistics on the Gender Pay Gap – Gender pay gap statistics – Statistics Explained

T as in Tech

W as in workplace

Sensitization on everyday sexism in the workplace EKIWORK – Sensibiliser et lutter contre le sexisme ordinaire

Gender equality and fight against discriminations – Le groupe Egae – Groupe Egae 

Some great podcasts:

French Language:

Inspiring women Generation XX

Interviews with women activists – La Poudre

On masculinities – Les couilles sur la table

On female entrepreneurshipEntrepreneur.e